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The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang | Book Review

The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang is a relatable novel for me. When I was a student, I was good at studies and other activities, but despite that I could never rise up to my teacher’s expectation or my self-expectations. Why? Because I had no confident to show my skills in studies or sports. Confidence is a big thing. In my school, students of rich people naturally had a lot of confidence, thus they were able to do a lot of things.

During school time, a kid like me, never thought that it was confidence that kept me deplorable and behind. Now I wish I had immense confidence then, and scenarios could have been much better. Anyway, let me discuss the USPs of the book and what I particularly learned or scratched from my memory lane. Here the student is Pancham. He is out of school as he is appearing for CA final exam and in which he failed. Pancham relatively has had more confidence than me, and I also say that he hails from good and rich family, since his father was CA, who cleared it in the first attempt. But I noticed one thing that despite Pancham’s father being a CA, he never tried instilling confidence or study tips to his son. Well, as I read the book, I got this ahead:

“My father always blamed my mother for my faults. He didn’t talk to me much as he was always busy with work and mostly communicated to me through Mother.”

So, it is clear that father is bull-headed and arrogant about his achievements and wishing the same success ratio from his son, who otherwise is not like him. Well, motherly love is there to help him. It was his mother who sends him to Gurudwara when he was thinking of committing suicide when he failed to clear CA final. As a matter of fact, he failed first time in his life. For your information, the book’s story revolves around characters who are either obsessed to clear CA or have cleared in few attempts. So, someone into CA studying, can definitely refer this book, as the story advances I met Vandit Ji. He is another champion who had has cleared CA in first attempt that too while working. I mean inspiring stories never fade away in the story. Well, the question is how a student like Pancham, who is under the impression that he has failed fist-time in his life, will evolve in his life after this failure. I think he needs study tips and confidence. But who is going to help him – god or some messenger of him. May be both. You can read to find out that.

Other than learning and confidence building, I assume that the book is full of success stories and if you go a bit inside you may realize that in shaping some one’s career mother plays an emotional-back up kind of role. The story shuttles between Pancham and one more interesting man. Well, tips and education getting from this book is worth gaining. If you ask me personally, I would say that Indian society needs more books like this one. What’s the harm if you get inspired by someone’s story. The author has a very straight and honest kind of writing style. He has presented the points in good readable fashion. The title itself is encouraging one…what more can I say about the book. My only qualm is I wish I had gotten someone like Vandit ji or a loving mother who could have propped me emotionally. Well, all is well in the end. I learnt a lot through self-learning and rough experiences that life threw at me. Rohit Narang deserves praise…I hope you write more to help this society and students in particular. Best of luck!!


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