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23:59:59 by Sadashiv Pradhan | Book Review

As per my dogma, the cover seems to be intelligently designed, as between the deadline (time 23:59:59) I see the glimpses of challenges that life keeps in store for all. Since this book is mainly for MBA students, the author has rightly depicted terms like MBA, Life, Passion, Money, B-school, and Culture on the cover page. Yes, the covered work for me...but I doubt for others as are other readers are as intellectually high as me. Fingers crossed.

My Thoughts on Story and Characters:

Why MBA? This is the main theme of the book as students get enrolled in B-schools, after some time they scrabble for the meaning of MBA in their lives. Was it for money or another degree? The same happens with some of the characters in the book, not all. The main character Jay is passionate about football strategies, and he blogs on the same topic. He feels like he is made for football, but there is this friend of him Ravi, who steers him towards MBA. In India – how easy it is to hijack someone’s mind. Interestingly, Ravi never makes come back in the book. I hoped see him.

Money is also important for life, especially for someone who has seen abject poverty and acute misery. To understand the value of money in our lives, there is this character Abhimanyu. He is brilliant. Good at studies, hardworking, gets the best placement. But do you have any slightest idea how much did he toil for that. Read it and you will get to know his pain. The way he worked hard, I liked him and even his selfishness. As a matter of fact, the author has by mistakenly put Abhimanyu onto front seat after the first half. Jay goes back seat subsequently. Among other characters, Ishaan is also an interesting one, since beginning he is totally focused on knowledge and his passion, however things don’t go as he planned – but why? You got to read the book…man. See, I cannot tell you in detail about all important characters. So, better read the book. And the inclusion of this female character Shalini was made deliberately either to generate sympathy towards suffering male characters or to add elements of romance in the overall story.  


The book has been prominent in highlighting the culture that goes there. I must say it was quite a modern approach. Otherwise which college in India allows disco and drinking on the house…may be time has changed.


‘Why MBA’ looks like the main theme of the novel till halfway. After that you confront: between passion and money, what you going to choose? Election, semesters, placement committees, assignments, PPTs are some internal things that we generally don’t see in other MBA or Engineering related novels. There is so much information about placement nitty and gritty, that I am sure I can prepare a thesis on the same.

Final Verdict:

I loved the book after first five chapters…and in the end these lines put me under influence.
Abhimanyu slid back on the bed ad rested his neck on the wall. He sighed, “Look, I don’t mean money is not important in life, in fact, I joined B-school solely to earn more money. However, now that I have actually achieved what I set to achieve before coming to B-school, there is a sense of emptiness inside…”

I am in accordance with Abhimanyu that a real achievement is that fills you completely…by means of glory…money…sense of pride, and most importantly you soul should feel replete.
Lovely book! Great narration! Highly recommended!


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