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How to Resolve HTTP ERROR 405 for Browsers

I use Quora regularly and have 2 accounts – which I access from 2 different browsers (Chrome and Mozilla). Also, I keep them logged-in, logging out every time is bit lethargy for me. But that cost me one day. Honestly putting one day I messed up these two accounts and I think both of my browsers got the air that something suspicious is going on. Hence, I was unable to browse any of my Quora accounts from any of the browsers. I did all the basic troubleshooting but to no avail. And the error I was getting was HTTP ERROR 405.

Though 404 is common error we see so often, but this one was unusual and when I hit the Internet for troubleshooting I got no help. There were solution-givers, but they were for big data scenarios. How that’s going to help me with my chrome. I deleted some of the important extensions as well. Nothing worked. I went to sleep perturbed.

Next day, I woke up and changed the ISP (internet service provider). I connected my laptop with my other mobile hotspot. Then what? The problem got solved. The error vanished. All day I didn’t resort to my previous ISP. Next day, I connected the laptop with my previous ISP and so far it works smoothly. No error. However, since then I make sure that I log out of from my all accounts, if you don’t it is likely that you may get these ‘Not Allowed’ kind of messages.

Hope this helps you in your homely environment.  I don’t know about big systems.


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