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5 Ways Microsoft Power BI Can Boost Your Business Profits

Have you got into the habit of aligning your business endeavours with the ever-evolving market scenarios? Not yet? Stop wondering and worrying, you just need to discover the right Microsoft Power BI consulting which can help you drive value from data, the most valuable asset of your organization.

Yes, it’s true that there are scores of BI applications and tools out in the market; however, the best one is MS Power BI services. Powered by Microsoft, it is a great tool for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data which ultimately helps you leveraging the power of data.
Let’s count on some of the best ways of MS Power BI that can help boost your business profits:
1. Visualization:
Today, every organization has access to data from various sources. Well, can they capture its worth with the available datasets? With MS Power BI implementation, it is easy to do that as it is rich with features like Power Query, Power Map, Power Pivot, Data Catalog, and so on. All these features w…

Is Technographics Useful for B2B Marketers?

It’s data everywhere. Well, are you getting enough value off it to refine your sales and marketing endeavors? As a B2B marketer if you still aim to fly high with traditional sources like Demographics and Firmographics, probably you are beating around the bush. So, how can you reach out to your customers with a difference in approach? The key lies in Technographics – the latest and the popular tool for targeting potential tech customers.
First off, what is Technographics? It’s not a tool or fixed software, rather a method which allows you to get a glimpse of the tech stack of other companies. It means as a B2B if you can find out what software or tech tools other companies are using, then you can pitch them your services with great cutting edge.
Remember it is not patented like IPhone or some company’s slogan; it’s a technique that involves some methods that help you reveal your targeting client’s tech information. Basically, it’s like data mining, though account based. Technographics…

Are You Getting Better ROI without Technographics?

Technographics was around the corner since a decade, but it wasn’t discovered up till a few years back. If you break the word Techno + Graphics = you will get to see technology + data. It means study of tech stack or tech data companies or firms use for internal or external purposes, some common examples are CRM software like Salesforce, SEO tools for digital marketing, and so on. In clear words, marketing and sales companies use a lot of data to study the behavior of a particular segment they are trying to reach. For example, to android phone users you can pitch them for any App. But not to IPhone users.

To gain deeper insights about user behavior and patterns with your marketing efforts, you must be following some particular data sets perfectly aligned with demographics and firmographics. Well, that’s a little better than the traditional sources. What about today’s B2B marketing strategies. Have you ever considered understanding your customer through the analysis of their technolog…

How to Resolve HTTP ERROR 405 for Browsers

I use Quora regularly and have 2 accounts – which I access from 2 different browsers (Chrome and Mozilla). Also, I keep them logged-in, logging out every time is bit lethargy for me. But that cost me one day. Honestly putting one day I messed up these two accounts and I think both of my browsers got the air that something suspicious is going on. Hence, I was unable to browse any of my Quora accounts from any of the browsers. I did all the basic troubleshooting but to no avail. And the error I was getting was HTTP ERROR 405.

Though 404 is common error we see so often, but this one was unusual and when I hit the Internet for troubleshooting I got no help. There were solution-givers, but they were for big data scenarios. How that’s going to help me with my chrome. I deleted some of the important extensions as well. Nothing worked. I went to sleep perturbed.
Next day, I woke up and changed the ISP (internet service provider). I connected my laptop with my other mobile hotspot. Then what?…