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Big Data Drives Anticipatory Logistics

One of the core objectives of anticipatory logistics is to foster the supply chain management system by increasing the overall process efficiency and reducing the cost involved into transport, inventory maintenance and other factors across the trading world.

Earlier, when information technologies (IT), telecommunication and Internet were limited, the logistics was a response-based field. Well, the same cannot be said about anticipatory logistics, it is way beyond ‘response based’. Anticipatory logistics is confidently backed up by big data and predictive algorithms. The data procured from IT, telecommunication, and social media platforms help retailers and manufacturing companies to understand and gauze the consumer behavior and sentiments. Once this aspect is understood, it becomes easy for retailers and their logistics partners to chart out the commercially feasible logistics plan. And if the logistics plan is in place, then at the time of peak season or in the event of new product…

5 Skills that Can Make You a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Data Science are some of the trending technologies of today that are persistently changing the course of our lives. There’s lot to discuss about them, however, in this post we are going to remain focused on ‘ML Engineer’ prerequisite skills i.e. what skills can make you a thriving ML engineer.
What is ML?
There are scores of definitions online for ML, well to put in a layman’s term – ML is all about making the computers to perform intelligent tasks without openly coding. In ML, computers learn from the experience.
Data plays a central role in defining the work of ML. To have a machine work intelligently, one needs to feed a lot of data. It is data that, in real sense, trains the computer for predicting outcomes or understanding patterns.
Some of the common ML examples are: detection of spam email, recognizing handwritten digits [9 + 1 = 10 (that’s right)], fraud detection in online and banking transactions and so on. Ha…

Interview with Rohan Ayyar – Regional Marketing Manager India, SEMrush

Kindly tell briefly about SEMrush. How is it beneficial to all types of bloggers and website owners? All website owners, all bloggers need to market their website and widen their online presence. SEMrush includes distinct toolkits for each of the five basic elements of digital marketing: SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing and Competitive Research. These toolkits help websites and bloggers analyze the current state of their websites as well as search visibility of their brand, and run data-driven digital marketing campaigns to bring more targeted visitors to their sites.
How large is the market for SEO? That’s an irrelevant question! How large is the online market? How large is the market for Google? Google IS the market, right? So as long as search engines like Google exist and people continue to use them, SEO is a necessity for every website out there. 2018 brought a whole new set of changes in the way businesses market their products and services, marketers try to im…