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What is Apache Cassandra?

Overview: Important Aspects to Know about Software Suite

Software Suite is a collection of two or more programs/applications sold in one package. Often they share related interface, functionality and theme; if not then it is easy to exchange data among one another without hassles of formatting and interoperability. The simplest example is Microsoft Windows Office – as it keeps collection of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. They differ in functionality but come together and are vital for office productivity.

A software suite is known by other names as well, such as Productivity Suite, Application Suite, or Utility Suite.
Benefits of Software Suite
Applications falling under the purview of software suite are known for compatibility and integration. Though simple copy-and-paste activity is rather a simple-looking task, but doing it between different (non-integrated) applications or software causes problems in formatting and symbol acclimatization.
For example, importing data from Access database to Excel Spreadsheet can be achieved withou…

What is Jupyter Notebook?

Working on Jupyter Notebook is like getting into an interactive session while coding. It is an open source web-based tool for programmers; it is a sort of IDE, especially for Julia, Python, and R. The initials of these three languages form the word Jupyter. On this tool, you can code, write rich text and see the output in the form of visualization.
Jupyter Notebook was earlier known as IPython (Interactive Python). To download Jupyter Notebook, you first need to download Anaconda Distribution. Many libraries come free along with it, so does Jupyter Notebook.
How to Start Jupyter Notebook
Below the Jupyter icon, press the Launch button. See the highlighted area.

After clicking the Launch button, it opens up in a browser like a website. The URL that you see, probably be this one: http://localhost:8888/tree

Jupyter Notebook’s main dashboard looks this.
Launching New Notebook
To launch a new Notebook to work on, go to right-hand side and click the ‘New’ button and from the dro…

How to Create Markdown Text in Jupyter Notebook?

Why is Python becoming a Trend among Data Scientists?

Internet technology has set the world on fire. New revolutions are always around the corner. But did you ever notice that nowadays new revolutions are mostly based on technology and driven by data. It is data that is being generated everywhere via the internet. So what’s big deal about it? Well, the data we get from Internet is big data. Websites, social media, servers and so on...all contribute for data. It is data that is driving the demand-supply chain that serves the human race. Since we have been generating humongous amount of data every day, we have data scientists who drive value from it, so that humans can lead life of meaning and purpose and of convenient.

We now got hunch that Python has something to do with big data and work profile of data scientists. Now let’s get back to the point and seek answers as why data scientists are loving languages like Python and R over the traditional programming languages.
Let the pictures below speak for them, as a picture speaks a thousan…