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Case Study: Improve Workforce Performance with Labour Management System (LMS) for a Retail Client

The purpose of writing this short and simple case study is to provide many a template of case study. This case study can be used for both – internal teams and external audience if put on online. This case study is of an Indian IT company that provides tech solutions to retail business across the world. This time, they provided solutions with LMS software. Remember it is Labour Management System, not Learning Management System, as short form of both is LMS.

LMS (Labour Management System) is software that provides tools through which business can keep a tab on the labour i.e. how many hours they are working and what is the productivity and how to design them for sales and high rush period. This software demands integration with seamless front and backend frameworks (see the technology stack used in the same). Overview:For any retail organization, an effective LMS is critical to the overall success of the business. Recently one of our retail clients engaged us to improve their overall ope…
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Sadhana Who Stalked Her? by Spandana Chakradhar | Book Review

At times you read a novel and feel like investigating it thoroughly. Possibly for two reasons, you have fallen in love with it or want to prove your point of view to none other than yourself.

I had read this book twice. In first attempt, I looked for a new story, which I thought I got. And well before picking it up for the second time, I was dead serious to analysis it from a detective’s point of view, though I am not a Sherlock Holmes.
This is not the first story on that I performed anatomy. Recently, in the same blog there is Six, Five by Binary. That book was a crime thriller too, however, it lacked intensity and soft with criminals, so I was little disappointed. In crime thrillers, suspense and a cast of many characters, to make it look like a web, is quite common. But according to my opinion, the intensity of the overall plot is a major distinguishing factor. Let the obstacles be there, I still love analyzing and dissecting crime/suspense works.
This is a story of Sadhana and it…

Stop Freelancing, Stop being Poor! Join the Blogging Revolution

A few years ago in Delhi I went for an interview for the position of content writer for the real estate domain. Then, I had good expertise of the same domain because the market, especially of Delhi NCR was booming like anything. And I also used to run a blog on real estate trends happening across the world, thus it sealed my credibility and creativity in that niche. At the interview, I cleared basic HR or fake manager rounds, including a writing test. In discussion with the director of the company it got disclosed that they get the whole work done by a freelancer within a budget of less than 10k INR. I was befuddled and asked politely the director, “If you are so confident about freelancing work, then did you call me for the interview. Were you not able to screen the resume properly?”

Anyway, I left the interview aghast and while travelling home I was thinking about freelancers, who for the sake of working remotely have ruined the market for regular content writers like me. But at th…

They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty | Book Review

“Delightful Rumination on Human Frailties”

I love reading novels and short stories that genuinely cover various angles of human relationships. The way nuances of characters are portrayed, human frailties and sensitive side of human psyches are exposed, flitting moments of epiphany and melodrama, and all make my heart go numb for a while. I love this trance. I keep searching these kinds of books online, though I am aware that Indian writers are less into this literature, well lately I came across Deepa Agarwal’s collection of short stories where in her female leads were seeking questions to those answers probably never existed. This time while browsing Facebook book review groups I came across this good-looking and promising collection by Saugata Chakraborty, ‘They Go To Sleep’.
In the case of collection of short stories, I read randomly or I read the title story first. I liked the stories so much that in my second round of reading I read them in order, from first to last, as I had a f…

Six, Five by Binary | Book Review

A few years ago I accidentally came across a novel by William Kent Krueger titled Ordinary Grace. Unaware of my expectations, it turned out to be the best crime cum detective novel I had ever read in my life. So, after that I read many more crime, suspense, and detective fictions, but every time I bring Ordinary Grace for comparison. And this time too with this new novel ‘Six, Five’ written by an Indian writer Binary (probably pen name).

It is a pretty daunting book with over 400 pages and it has unwelcoming cover. Having a boy and girl holding each other’s hand did not make the cover very appealing. Blurb indicates that all Sherlock Holmes fans must go through this book once. I picked up thinking I will be, at least for a week or so, routing through different locations, part of outer and underworld, spies, undercover agents, grumbling detectives, good men and evil men. Often with detective stories, you become a part of their world; instead they enter your world. Much to my surprise,…

Can E-passports Make the Airports Smarter?

The most common document needed to cross borders is passport. It is impossible to travel abroad with no legal passport, especially when you are flying. However, identity theft and identity fraud have the potential to make illegal migration and border prohibitions look like a normal practice. Therefore, nations even with stringent travel protocols worry about the illegal immigration, unlawful border-cross activities, and homeland security.

Latest technologies have been incorporated at various levels to make travel-related documentation go through a rigorous and authentic scrutinization process. The way we access our phones, operating systems, and computers using fingerprints, voice, and face recognition, is a sure sign that tech-rich digitization and cyber security has become an integral part of our lives. Foremost examples are biometrics and electronification of documents like driving license, e-passport, PAN card, and so on. With the help of advanced technologies like robotic, autom…

The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang | Book Review

The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang is a relatable novel for me. When I was a student, I was good at studies and other activities, but despite that I could never rise up to my teacher’s expectation or my self-expectations. Why? Because I had no confident to show my skills in studies or sports. Confidence is a big thing. In my school, students of rich people naturally had a lot of confidence, thus they were able to do a lot of things.

During school time, a kid like me, never thought that it was confidence that kept me deplorable and behind. Now I wish I had immense confidence then, and scenarios could have been much better. Anyway, let me discuss the USPs of the book and what I particularly learned or scratched from my memory lane. Here the student is Pancham. He is out of school as he is appearing for CA final exam and in which he failed. Pancham relatively has had more confidence than me, and I also say that he hails from good and rich family, since his father was CA, who cleared…