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The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang | Book Review

The Gift of Confidence by Rohit Narang is a relatable novel for me. When I was a student, I was good at studies and other activities, but despite that I could never rise up to my teacher’s expectation or my self-expectations. Why? Because I had no confident to show my skills in studies or sports. Confidence is a big thing. In my school, students of rich people naturally had a lot of confidence, thus they were able to do a lot of things.

During school time, a kid like me, never thought that it was confidence that kept me deplorable and behind. Now I wish I had immense confidence then, and scenarios could have been much better. Anyway, let me discuss the USPs of the book and what I particularly learned or scratched from my memory lane. Here the student is Pancham. He is out of school as he is appearing for CA final exam and in which he failed. Pancham relatively has had more confidence than me, and I also say that he hails from good and rich family, since his father was CA, who cleared…
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23:59:59 by Sadashiv Pradhan | Book Review

As per my dogma, the cover seems to be intelligently designed, as between the deadline (time 23:59:59) I see the glimpses of challenges that life keeps in store for all. Since this book is mainly for MBA students, the author has rightly depicted terms like MBA, Life, Passion, Money, B-school, and Culture on the cover page. Yes, the covered work for me...but I doubt for others as are other readers are as intellectually high as me. Fingers crossed.

My Thoughts on Story and Characters:
Why MBA? This is the main theme of the book as students get enrolled in B-schools, after some time they scrabble for the meaning of MBA in their lives. Was it for money or another degree? The same happens with some of the characters in the book, not all. The main character Jay is passionate about football strategies, and he blogs on the same topic. He feels like he is made for football, but there is this friend of him Ravi, who steers him towards MBA. In India – how easy it is to hijack someone’s mind. Int…

The Epic of Kautilya (Born to be King) by Deepak Thomas|Book Review

The Epic of Kautilya: Born to be King by Deepak Thomas is fantastic fantasy fiction. As the title says – the Epic – yes after reading the book, in fact mid-way, I began feeling that the characterization of the female protagonist Kautilya is worth doing something bigger in her life. Is she a born king, the novel possesses this question, and I must say that it answers it as well brilliantly. Grandiose work by the author!

So, basically the story is about reclaiming what she deserves and to set things right in a way a righteous king would do for his people. However, I was amazed by the antagonism presented in the book – I mean a king gets killed by his five (so called) sons and the daughter watches it meekly or helplessly. Otherwise in king-oriented stories, the king is either killed by ministers, brother, invaders, or outside enemies, well here they were his sons, quite interesting. Another wonderful aspect of the book is the fight between apes and humans. I would suggest you see the ma…

Old Man at the Bridge by Ernest Hemingway | Book Review

I am a big fan of war-fiction and when it is from Ernest Hemingway, it’s going to delight me for sure. I have read his A Farewell to Arms, it was way greater than other war-fiction stories. A love story slightly unveiled in the dampness of First World War. Hemingway served in the WW-I, at times as an ambulance driver, well other times as a correspondent journalist. The coverage he has provided in his war-fiction stories is pure and seems surreal to the readers. On the similar lines, there is this story that I read twice since it was too short…heavy and influential. It is ‘Old Man at the Bridge’ – it takes place in Spanish Civil War – the timeline is WW-II.

A soldier while crossing a pontoon bridge sees people and carts moving away from the village that lies next to the river Ebro. He spots an old man sitting there. When the soldier comes back after doing the basic round of patrolling, he still finds the old man there and all people of the village gone ahead. The advancing army of the…

Top 5 Reasons How RPO Can Ease Your Organization’s Recruitment Process

As we all know hiring is a delicate and time-consuming process, organizations now and then have to deal with various sorts of hiring aspects, like long-term, short-term staffing, on-contract manpower, etc. So, what’s the solution to this? It is RPO, which stands for recruitment process outsourcing.

Like BPO, RPO too deals with outsourcing where a company doles out its complete recruitment process or some of their hiring-related activities to another company. Generally, RPO consulting uses technology, data and BI to fill out the hiring gap for their clients. Many surveys and studies have revealed that choosing RPO solutions is a win-win situation for both. Let’s see some of the immaculate benefits of RPO over traditional recruitment process, and how it can ease the recruitment process for your organization.
Brand Value: An employer’s brand value is not limited up to end-user products, in fact there are other aspects too that add value to the overall brand reputation, including a smooth…

5 Ways Microsoft Power BI Can Boost Your Business Profits

Have you got into the habit of aligning your business endeavours with the ever-evolving market scenarios? Not yet? Stop wondering and worrying, you just need to discover the right Microsoft Power BI consulting which can help you drive value from data, the most valuable asset of your organization.

Yes, it’s true that there are scores of BI applications and tools out in the market; however, the best one is MS Power BI services. Powered by Microsoft, it is a great tool for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data which ultimately helps you leveraging the power of data.
Let’s count on some of the best ways of MS Power BI that can help boost your business profits:
1. Visualization:
Today, every organization has access to data from various sources. Well, can they capture its worth with the available datasets? With MS Power BI implementation, it is easy to do that as it is rich with features like Power Query, Power Map, Power Pivot, Data Catalog, and so on. All these features w…

Is Technographics Useful for B2B Marketers?

It’s data everywhere. Well, are you getting enough value off it to refine your sales and marketing endeavors? As a B2B marketer if you still aim to fly high with traditional sources like Demographics and Firmographics, probably you are beating around the bush. So, how can you reach out to your customers with a difference in approach? The key lies in Technographics – the latest and the popular tool for targeting potential tech customers.
First off, what is Technographics? It’s not a tool or fixed software, rather a method which allows you to get a glimpse of the tech stack of other companies. It means as a B2B if you can find out what software or tech tools other companies are using, then you can pitch them your services with great cutting edge.
Remember it is not patented like IPhone or some company’s slogan; it’s a technique that involves some methods that help you reveal your targeting client’s tech information. Basically, it’s like data mining, though account based. Technographics…